Sustainable Computing

We at Banshee Cloud want to congratulate EVERY ONE OF OUR CLIENTS for saving money AND saving the Earth! How? By simply using our computing solutions and online marketing. We call it Sustainable Computing.

Sustainable Computing Saves You Money. A Lot of Money.

It’s no big surprise that many of you are saving often times substantial amounts of money. Because of our obsession with delivering value to small businesses worldwide, some of our clients are saving up to 89% in IT services costs and yet enjoying higher quality service and greater satisfaction, plus more security.

Rebuilding with Sustainable Industry

Many of you know about our disaster relief efforts. Here’s Rene's interview with our Bakersfield NBC affiliate:

But not many of you are aware of our work to rebuild the impacted economy through the creation of a sustainable IT services industry. We’re working closely with local government and institutions of higher learning to create a workforce specially trained to move beyond traditional computing technology. We’re also working to get other businesses and individuals started in greener industries.

Help Us Save the Reefs

The oceans sustain life worldwide. A coral reef is a key part of the oceanic ecosystem. And reefs are very fragile. We have already seen uncontrolled growth turn pristine white beaches into dying brown coastline.

Here’s just one of the coral reefs that could be impacted if local industry does not aim for sustainability.

Update: Playback of this video on websites has been disabled. If you’re having trouble viewing it on our site, see it directly on YouTube:

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Green is Efficient. Green Saves Money. We Make You Green.

It pays to innovate and it also saves to be GREEN. Our clients can claim the benefits of Sustainable Computing due to several factors. First and foremost is our commitment to using the most powerful cloud computing vendors in the world. The video below highlights how just one of our vendors (you may have heard of them) saves you money through efficiency AND allows you to use sustainable energy sources…no matter how small your business!

And It Helps YOUR Economy

Wall Street may declare economic downturns. But it is a known fact that small businesses drive recovery. Nearly all of our clients have less than 10 employees. Without our services, some could not afford to maintain their local workforces at current levels.

It is no secret that American businesses are already importing IT services in an effort to save money. $100 billion dollars goes to South Asia alone. What many don’t realize is that many of these companies outsourcing their computing needs are small businesses. And many of these businesses end up losing money and business on outsourced work because of factors such as communications problems and lack of quality control.

Banshee Cloud is 100% American owned, with all of our current US team being native Californians. English is not a second language for us. And our core overseas team is not only fluent in English…they understand American culture too. Because all of us have roots in what was once American territory. Many of our ancestors fought for freedom as part of American forces. And we will never forget the passion they felt for this country and we honor them by working to empower your business.

You ARE GREEN. And you should be proud.

As part of the Sustainable Computing Initiative, Banshee Cloud clients:

  • Save money!
  • Empower their business!
  • Use Sustainable Computing to protect the environment!
  • Support the development of a sustainable industry!

We will be providing our clients with marketing materials, plus work with them to promote Sustainable Computing on your websites. Subscribe to our Newsletter, follow our Blog or Like us on Facebook to see how we will work with you!

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