Data Storage Services

The core of what your computers work with is data. Information. Documents. Files. Photos. Images. Audio. Music. Recordings. Videos. Movies. Multimedia. The list grows longer and your storage requirements increase every single day.


But with the major cloud providers literally caught up in a price war, you now have some incredibly powerful, reliable, and secure options for storing it all. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a multinational corporation or an amateur photographer. Everyone has access to virtually unlimited storage. Some of it for less than a penny a month per gigabyte…and it gets cheaper as time goes on.

Unlimited Storage

And we’re talking about serious storage space. From the same service providers that hold the data for the largest users of online storage in the world. Like online streaming video services. Using the same content delivery networks used to stream major sporting events globally. With just a few mouse clicks, we can set you up to store the equivalent of the data capacity of a human brain. That would be about 1500 1-terabyte drives. And that’s just an example. We can literally store as little or as much as you need.

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Disaster Proofed

Your data is saved on media at a minimum of three geographically-distributed datacenters. In some cases, your data will be distributed in as many as 100 datacenters worldwide!

So half the continent could succumb to a massive calamity and your data would not only be safe…it would be immediately available to your overseas staff. Or you once you escape the impacted zone. Forget about disaster recovery…we give you Disaster Continuity!