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Forget what you hear…EVERY networked computer is subject to cyberattacks! If you don’t believe us, let’s look at your firewall logs.

We believe that security must be practical. While much of the information security industry is geared towards...and priced for...the Fortune 500, we keep your business safe without costing thousands of dollars.

Working closely with you, we give you control over the level of protection that meets any budget. We leverage technology to maximize your protection. And we make keeping you safe as seamless and inobtrusive to you as possible.

Our experience in maintaining small and medium sized business networks has inspired us to develop our own customized suite of banSHIELD data protection and malware elimination systems.

In addition, we resell all major commercial security software applications.

With our work maintaining clients’ websites, we are constantly involved with site security and cyberattack response.

Finally, we offer enterprise-level spam control solutions at prices within the budget of even home-based businesses.

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You get hundreds of emails a day. Many are essential. Others are malicious. What if your software could seek out new threats in real time? See how Office 365's advanced email security can keep your teams productive and worry-free.​ Learn more