Computing Resources

Before we continue, an important message:

DON’T BUY SERVERS, until you talk to us!

In most cases, your business no longer needs to spend thousands of dollars on new servers every few years. Thanks to the power of cloud computing, we can set up the resources you need.

Read more below and please review how other businesses benefit from powerful, scalable, secure, and cost-effective solutions that can empower you and your business!

Power at Your Fingertips

If done properly, your network infrastructure can now be set up to automatically scale from one server to thousands, allowing your business to rapidly respond to increased computing needs.

Pay per Use

What’s beautiful about this model is that as soon as you no longer need any of your computing resources, you can turn off or even delete what you no longer need. And there’s no contracts….you only pay for what you use when you use it. Servers by the hour, bandwidth and storage paid for by the gigabyte. And the rates are amazingly affordable, yet you’re using the same services and infrastructure as the largest companies on the internet.

Virtualization is So Last Week

It truly is hard to keep up when cloud computing services improve and drop in cost on an almost daily basis. With changes occurring virtually overnight, even full-time IT professionals aren’t aware of many of the very recent capabilities. We specialize in using the cloud to empower businesses like yours, so our unique expertise allows us to give you the most power, reliability, and security available.

The Banshee Cloud Advantage

Our competition may set up a virtual server and you’ll have to pay them to maintain the server and your databases. And if they miss a patch or don’t install an upgrade, your precious data suddenly becomes vulnerable. Plus it if they don’t back it up or use only local storage, your server and your data could be lost forever in the event of a disaster.

Now compare this to what we can do. We only use the largest, most reliable, and secure cloud services, selected on the basis of several factors such as financially-backed Service Level Agreements (as in money back if it’s not up), a minimum of triple-redundant, geographically-distributed data centers, and proven performance during major disasters.

And since we are platform agnostic, we don’t focus on any single vendor. So we understand when to use one over the other and we’re not held back by the limitations of any one service.

So going back to our database example, we know when you may not even need a server, but instead understand which of several database services will give you the best combination of performance and cost. We may even find that another database may not only be more compatible with your applications, but also may cost you less. Plus because it’s a service and not simply a virtualized server, you won’t need to worry about paying us to maintain it. Because our vendors include a full-time staff to maintain, patch, and upgrade the service. Or we may determine that your data is best stored using one of the non-relational services, even further reducing your costs while giving you incredible speed and scalability.

And yet we know when your data needs the advantage of a more traditional virtualized server. But not just any kind of server…we can select one that is designed and optimized specifically for your unique purpose. Whether that means more processing cores or maximum RAM.

Yes, cloud computing can be complicated. And it certainly means understanding a different perspective and new model of computing. But cloud is our specialty and we not only keep up with the latest developments...we also utilize the best vendors for your needs. Because our end goal is to be able to completely empower your business using the greatest computing solutions ever devised.

Your Needs Are UNIQUE!

You'll find some EXAMPLES here of the kind of computing power we can give you at incredible cost. But please keep in mind that your business needs are unique and the services featured here may not necessarily be the best for your business.

At no cost to you, we'll examine your computing needs and devise the best solution for your objectives and budget.


With Netflix alone, Amazon Web Services handles about ONE-THIRD of the traffic on the internet. And we can give you access to the same capabilities at a surprisingly affordable cost!

The Microsoft Cloud is used by businesses of all sizes. It is a reliable stack of solutions offering full integration with many of your existing systems.

Amazon Web Services offers a wide variety of powerful, scalable, and incredibly secure cloud services.

Azure is Microsoft's cloud platform, designed with Microsoft's broad expertise in enterprise computing.

Where is the data? We only use services with multiple redundant datacenters, geographically distributed to provide an incredible level of power, scalability, safety, and security. ALL our largest vendors have infrastructure similar to Microsoft's.